‘Salomania’ at Hundred Years Gallery 31st March – 9th April 2017

Zoe Simon performance artist snake Salomania Hundred Years Gallery Julia Colmenares

I am delighted to be part of this joint exhibition with the fine artist Julia Colmenares at Hundred Years Gallery, Hoxton. Drawing together paintings, print, film and performance, the title ‘Salomania’ refers to the 20th century stereotype of the Femme Fatale embodied in the film noir classics of early cinema. Both artists are concerned with finding narratives – or at least visual settings – for female characters who – although exerting a deep fascination for the viewer – are most usually seen as objects of pure fantasy, existing as a vessel for the viewer’s own desires and fantasies.

There is a unique collaboration at the heart of the exhibition with Zoe Simon taking on personas such as Lulu Goldman Deceased and Femme Cheval and Julia Colmenares depicting them in paint.

Come and be enthralled…

Filming ‘Clipping The Church’, June 2016

I have just completed filming on ‘Clipping The Church’ for the artist Tereza Buskova. I have worked with Tereza as a performer and model since 2006. Tereza  filmed us processing through the streets of Erdington, Birmingham in Czech costumes until we arrived at St.Paul’s Church, which was then encircled with a living garland of people. In this exciting new work  the English tradition of Clipping the Church was revived. It took place once a year when young apprentices and women in service were allowed to travel home to visit their families and their ‘mother’ church. The film ‘Clipping The Church’ is a re-enactment of this custom with the participation of two hundred local people, music, live performance and ornate baked goods – traditional fried celestial crusts – which were paraded through the streets in ritualistic fashion…



Emplastic Drawing – Live @ The Royal College Of Art, 2016 and Current

I am currently collaborating on an ongoing series of live performances with the artist and musician Len Massey for the weekly Emplastic Drawing sessions at The Royal College Of Art.

Performance, costumes and make-up by Zoe Simon

Set and projections by Len Massey



Sea Of Colour for Guler Ates, February 2016

In February I was honoured to be asked to perform in Guler Ates’ work ‘Sea Of Colour’. For the Salvation Army’s 2016 Stations Of The Cross, Guler Ates created a tapestry to represent the moment Jesus is stripped of his clothes on the way to the Cross and to illustrate the struggle of refugees. It is a huge tarpaulin covered in garments donated to refugees.

I found the difficulty of dragging the boat-like blanket offered some insight into the plight of refugees taking to the sea in order to find a safe place.

I also like exploring the ideas of endurance and extremes in my performance work.

All photos by Berni Georges.