New Work in ‘Home Sweet Home’ from 16th  November 2020

On Instagram: @rentedbythehour

Curated by: Laura Clarke, Bea Haines and Olivia Hicks

Delighted to be working with Rented By The Hour again, I first worked with them back in 2014 on ‘The Last Breath’, and created my persona Lulu Goldman Deceased for that show…Now! Introducing Lynx….Photographs of Lynx are on Instagram, and you can click the vimeo link below  to watch Lynx at home in a film specially made for ‘Home Sweet Home’…




The MEAOW London shop is now open !

I am now selling designs based on my artworks through the Redbubble platform! My shop is called MEAOWlondon and you can visit it here!

My first design is ROCKABILLY GIRL – a sticker from my photography and collage, it features my persona Rockabilly Lilly, from my zine The Point, starring Mark Lamarr. Of course it is also inspired by The Polecats song. Want to take Lilly home? You can visit her here!

Rockabilly Girl Lilly blonde vintage Rockabilly scene polecats zine

Performances Scheduled at 100% VROUW / 100% Female, October 2019

I am very excited to be taking part in 100% VROUW / 100% Female with  99 other female artists….


A gallery occupation, invasion and installation – expect loud music and FUN

20/10/19 at 15.00 – 16.00 at PLAY Room Gallery, Westzijde 99, 1506 GA, Zaandam


The Teaser exhibtion also features works by Tracey Emin and Marina Abramovic

Documentary photos of the performance are by Fred Peerderman

Two Performances at 100% VROUW:

Preview performance at the opening night, 24/10/19 at 19.00 – 19.15 at

Grand or St. Laurens Church Alkmaar, Koorstraat 2,  1811 GP Alkmaar



Music! FUN! Reclamation of the Public Space 26/10/19 at 14.00

Beginning at 14.00 – 14.15 with songs at Grand or St. Laurens Church Alkmaar, Koorstraat 2, 1811 GP Alkmaar and then dancing through the town until 15.00 approx

Documentary photographs are by Fred Peerdeman


Exhibtion details: 100% VROUW 24 – 27 October 2019

Grand or St. Laurens Church Alkmaar
Koorstraat 2
1811 GP Alkmaar
the Netherlands
entrance: € 7,50

PUNK MERMAID Performances at SchoK Festival 2019, Schoorl, Netherlands, June 2019

PUNK MERMAID brings her GLOBAL PARTY to The Netherlands. A punk party peaceful street protest against the nationalism sweeping the globe. Singing loudly and partying hard for INTERnationalism and campaiging for FUN!!

PUNK MERMAID is documented performing for Schoorl residents with the contributing artists from the SchoK Festival, 2019.

Documentary photos are by Grietje Bouman and Fred Peerdeman.

Documentation Of PONY©  Performance at Kunst Im Dialog, Landshut, July 2018

PONY© taking her D.I.Y Punk protest street party to the streets in Alstadt in Landshut, Germany.

A peaceful punk party protest again gentrification and social cleansing in our cities, and re-occupation of the streets by artists.




Punk art at Black Elephant Presents: ‘Desszcz / AJA / BKS / Dogfeet’ , New River Studios 29th September 2018 7pm – 11pm


punk art Zoe Simon New River Studios installation

Thrilled to continue my association with Black Elephant Events: presenting art alongside music, and continuing to realise my vision of removing artistic barriers and creating a new Scene without these divisions. Exxpect more visceral art, and get ready to rock…


New PONY© Performances scheduled at KUNST IM DIALOG, Landshut, Bavaria on 28th and 29th July 2018 

Following her peformance at the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre in January, PONY© the equine anti-gentrification device and punk songstress is pleased to announce that she will be installing her PUNK Gentrifcation tombstones and performing at the KUNST IM Dialog festival, curated by Jeroen Van  Paassen for Stichting White Cube. Performance locations and times are below the flyer.

Stichting White Cube Kunst IM Dialog Zoe Simon PONY


PONY© will perform on 28th July 2018 at The Bayerischer Kaffeetisch event, Youth Hostel, Richard-Schirrmann-Weg 6, 84028  Landshut, Germany. The event is scheduled between 11am and 1pm, and is an opportunity to enjoy coffee, meet the artists, and take in a performance…PONY© will also give a promenade performance on 29th July 2018 beginning at Alstadt (Old Town), Landshut at 14.15, and walking to Cafe international, Orbankai 3, where Jeroen Van Paassen will then give a tour.

Party at The End Of The World FEAT. PONY© January 2018

Documentary photo of PONY© performing in the condemned Shopping Centre at Elephant and Castle, South London



‘Punk Art’, installation at Black Elephant Presents: Cuntroaches, Kill Bitches To Clothe Foxes, The Chain Of Panic, Zek’, New River Studios, 5th April 2018


My first punk art installation for Black Elephant Events includes my punk figure, inspired by Dick Scott-Stewart’s iconic photograph of punks outside Safeways ‘Punks On The Kings Road, 1981’; also tombstones from my ongoing Gentrification Graveyard to be suspended above the gig: memorials to Walkers Court in Berwick Street, the Kings Road Punk Scene and the Toilets in The Roxy. Excited to have the opportunity to colaborate with Black Elephants, who share my vision of presenting art together with music, removing barriers, creating a new inclusive Scene.



zoe simon cuntroaches new river studios black elephant events gentrification tombstone


zoe simon cuntroaches new river studios black elephant events gentrification tombstone


zoe simon cuntroaches new river studios black elephant events





‘The Gentrification Graveyard’, 10th February 2018, installation at Creep Suzzette, The Saint Moritz Club, Soho

My vision is of a Scene where art is not something that only exists separately in galleries, I want my work to be in amongst people and the Music and the World which has inspired it. My Gentrification Graveyard is a series of hand-collaged tombstones celebrating Old Soho and the Musical Tribes of London. At a time when Berwick Street is being gutted it was fitting that I was invited to do this installation at The Creep Suzzette club night at the Saint Moritz Club, Wardour Street.

‘Transposition: Punk Party’

Intervention on The kings Road Chelsea, 15th November 2017

This intervention performance was a transposition: inspired by Dick Scott Stewart’s iconic photograph of the Kings Road punk scene ‘Punks On The Kings Road, 1981’. The punks would hang out outisde Safeways daily – it was an important part of my childhood obsevring them – and my Brother and I would request that we walk ‘the punk way’ to the supermarket with our Mother. Actually a detour, because she didn’t really like shopping in Safeways… I was deeply disturbed by the gentrification of Walkers Court, Berwick Street, and it focussed my mind on the gentrifcation of Chelsea some years before, and the loss of the Punk Scene from the Kings Road. I re-staged the photograph on the site on which it was taken – as far as I could – the exact place where the punks stood is now occupied by Macdonalds bins. I also re-created one of the punks in the photographs in 2d. and performed with him as my boyfriend. I have since used the documentary photographs of my performance in my Gentrification Graveyard and my Punk Art installations at gigs. My boyfriend has also re-appeared. I recently met a bloke at a gig who told me that he had passed. I would be grateful for any  more info from anybody who was on the Scene at that time…




‘Salomania’ at Hundred Years Gallery 31st March – 9th April 2017

Zoe Simon performance artist snake Salomania Hundred Years Gallery Julia Colmenares

I am delighted to be part of this joint exhibition with the fine artist Julia Colmenares at Hundred Years Gallery, Hoxton. Drawing together paintings, print, film and performance, the title ‘Salomania’ refers to the 20th century stereotype of the Femme Fatale embodied in the film noir classics of early cinema. Both artists are concerned with finding narratives – or at least visual settings – for female characters who – although exerting a deep fascination for the viewer – are most usually seen as objects of pure fantasy, existing as a vessel for the viewer’s own desires and fantasies.

There is a unique collaboration at the heart of the exhibition with Zoe Simon taking on personas such as Lulu Goldman Deceased and Femme Cheval and Julia Colmenares depicting them in paint.

Come and be enthralled…


Filming ‘Clipping The Church’, June 2016

I have just completed filming on ‘Clipping The Church’ for the artist Tereza Buskova. I have worked with Tereza as a performer and model since 2006. Tereza  filmed us processing through the streets of Erdington, Birmingham in Czech costumes until we arrived at St.Paul’s Church, which was then encircled with a living garland of people. In this exciting new work  the English tradition of Clipping the Church was revived. It took place once a year when young apprentices and women in service were allowed to travel home to visit their families and their ‘mother’ church. The film ‘Clipping The Church’ is a re-enactment of this custom with the participation of two hundred local people, music, live performance and ornate baked goods – traditional fried celestial crusts – which were paraded through the streets in ritualistic fashion…



Emplastic Drawing – Live @ The Royal College Of Art, February – June 2016 

I am currently collaborating on an ongoing series of live performances with the artist and musician Len Massey for the weekly Emplastic Drawing sessions at The Royal College Of Art.

Performance, costumes and make-up by Zoe Simon

Set and projections by Len Massey



Sea Of Colour for Guler Ates, February 2016

In February I was honoured to be asked to perform in Guler Ates’ work ‘Sea Of Colour’. For the Salvation Army’s 2016 Stations Of The Cross, Guler Ates created a tapestry to represent the moment Jesus is stripped of his clothes on the way to the Cross and to illustrate the struggle of refugees. It is a huge tarpaulin covered in garments donated to refugees.

I found the difficulty of dragging the boat-like blanket offered some insight into the plight of refugees taking to the sea in order to find a safe place.

I also like exploring the ideas of endurance and extremes in my performance work.

All photos by Berni Georges.